Texting, Sexting, Nexthing?

I just don’t get it. Mobile Phones that is – and I’m struggling with Twitter. People who know me well know I don’t text, can’t text, won’t text. That sums up all this high tech malarkey for me. I can use my MacBook and Facebook with ease, create graphic blog sites like this one but the mobile just bores me to death. According to predictions for the next decade everything will be on MOBILE, including a microwave oven, so best if I accept now that my life is over. How, you may ask, can I live without apps for every thing I didn’t need to know, 400 free texts a month and 200 FREE minutes. Easy. They only want your money and new habits to squander. It’s all a scam to eventually fleece you. Stay focussed.


Ask any fashion forecaster how it’s done. Funny how pink is in one year and mustard the next, all the shops must be psychic, as they all piggy back each other. It’s a bold designer that says bog off – its mauve. It’s all a scam to make you feel on the outside.


no_cell_phones_allowedCorporate collusion is to blame for they know that when people suffer from the disease of never enough & needing to belong to something or someone ( co-dependency ) they will always want more until they get bored and demand a different hit. But blaming corporate collusion is also a cheap way out, for it’s us that purchase expensive gadgets, upgrade each year and stick names on waiting lists for a must have whatever. 800 quid for a bag anyone? Corporate & fashion giants just wait and watch like a dealer at the school gates or a Bank offering students ” discounts “. Nothing is for nothing. You’re hooked.


The concept of needs and wants comes into play in the fashion industry or any shop layout that puts sweets where we gather at the till. Once you see the game it’s great fun resisting and part of codependency recovery when we smile at the temptation instead of grabbing the chosen drug, be it a phone, an app or mint imperials, leaving one strangely heroic. Feeling and saying NO is noble. People moan about information overload while loading themselves up with things they don’t need, but looking cool goes cold until the next hot thing comes along. That’s corporate seduction for you.


We are all healthily dependent on electricity, computer technology and mobiles for communication, great if you are on the go ( which I’m not ) but it seems to me that when you have a mobile like a concorde flight panel only a tenth of it’s capability gets used. The remainder lays idle while the phone companies push the nine tenths and not the one tenth we use. You pay for that. If the drinks are FREE anywhere, we guzzle like a thirsty duck and so it is with the mobile. FREE TEXTS, FREE MINUTES only encourage use and abuse when communication is not required. Add up the time wasted sending coda texts to people, partners and friends instead of spending time on a train in solitude with self. If you think your life is stressful check your mobile use . . .  another text coming in with trivial chat, no wonder you are stressed.  TEXT ADDICTION is part of the ” needing to know ” aspect of codependency ” and it’s likely you don’t need to know. So if you check anything this New Year January check your mobile bill, check your hourly usage and if it gets too much, delete, delete, delete. Create mobile phone bounderies, not moan that everyone uses you as an ambulance 24/7.


Oh and another thing . . never check someones else’s mobile. It’s unhealthy to discover what you don’t need to know. If you keep doing this to your partner you are in the wrong relationship and liable to be more practiced at texting than sitting down and telling the truth. You can’t blame that on corporate collusion. So texting, sexting . . what’s next?



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