A past client writes :
“David assisted me in dealing with the mess I was in 8 years ago, debt, alcoholism, Class A drugs use, body image and a food disorder. We didn’t deal with them all at once and I didn’t abstain from all mood altering substances straightaway.
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18 months in I decided to cut coke, my last demon, and realise I WAS an addict who could no longer safely use. He knows what he is talking about because he has been there himself, and clean of drugs and booze since 1982.
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I was told that total abstention was a choice, many clients who see him just cut back on the chems that harm for that individual. He calls his programme ‘PURPOSEFUL USING’, so YOU choose what to continue and what to surrender. 
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Over a 3 year period I changed my body via the gym, doubled my salary, left ‘chaos living’ behind and old friends don’t recognise me. It certainly worked for me! “
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Chems, sex and the net are not addictive – individuals are.
If you hold the wand of an addictive personality be careful how you wave & muster magic. If getting ” approval hits ” from dating websites starts your day the monster lurks, if your career dominates a limited social life – beware – if mum or dad were alcoholic you have a higher propensity for drug abuse, including alcohol or you may refuse to “be like them” and try controlled usage, without success.
Check out Adult Children of Alcoholics via google
As Codependency is the core of all addictions, prevention or harm reduction is wiser for future well-being.
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Awareness is king – get sorted & stop repeating patterns.