Welcome to this blog website on getting you BACK ON TRACK. Not running round in gym shorts you understand, we do enough of that already, but running round in circles when it comes to repeated patterns. At some point it has to stop.

Some gym boys think that perfecting the outside of the body is normal healthy routine, while regularly WORKING OUT FROM THE INSIDE is still perceived as abnormal, scary or only required in crisis. How wrong can you be?

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One of the aims of this site is to encourage awareness of early warning signs regarding unhealthy relationship patterning, compulsions and addictions, including ending up with the wrong type of partner in a toxic controlling relationship.

broken-heart_0LGBTQ domestic violence does not have to involve fists – a glare, a stare, a constant put-down is often enough. 

Finding ‘the one’ has often meant ‘the one paying the bills’ where financial disparity plays havoc, so the price you pay for denial and avoidance is higher in the long term than checking out things as you go along.

Relationship maintenance always pays off long term. So learn how.

Relationships aren’t just about people. Studying your relationships with chems, booze, credit cards, digital apps, food, body image and social opportunities are all wrapped up in YOU before you love someone else.

Learning to love yourself first, instead of the usual escape routes, is a sound investment.


Each Coaching face2face session every 2 weeks is client-led which means that the client decides where we have the session and what to work on and you can create a package within your budget. 

Take a Skype call ( £25 for 30 mins ) or a 2 hour 121 session in London ( £120 ) once or twice a month or a 3 hour session ( £150 ) once a month coupled with group ( £30 per 3 hours ). Create something to suit your budget – YOU DECIDE.

While most prefer the comfort of a relaxing session in my place close to Euston Station, some clients ask to ‘walk & talk’ so we may go somewhere like a Park, others prefer to eat during session in a restaurant or even a HOME VISIT.  

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You decide what suits with session times to suit your schedule, afternoons, evenings or weekends.

People bring work or business decisions to be sorted as well as personal matters to the table, while some are just stuck and need a LIFE AUDIT before planning ahead.

Homework actions are followed up and contact is available FREE in-between sessions by phone or email.  


BREATH WORK is like Mindfulness in the whole of your body. Check the page on BREATHWORK for emotional release, clarity and slowing down depression and anxiety. I have been a trained practitioner of Conscious Connected Breathwork since 1990. 3 hour Relationship & Recovery Coaching Sessions can include BREATHWORK if client decides. It is optional.

Global Internet Coaching via Skype is also available in 30 min or 60 min slots by appointment.

Although this blog focuses on Gay Men, it welcomes all sexualities, ages and genders to read its content. Lesbians, bi-sexual men & women, cross dressing heterosexuals, men who have sex with men, fetish lovers, those transgendered and queer have all passed through my experienced door for sessions & groupwork at some time.

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