Since I hit ‘the Queer scene’ age 20, I have walked and held the joys as well as the scars of London gay life. The 70’s were an expensive blur of over-achieving workaholicism, pills, dope, sex ‘n’ booze. Then I stumbled. Debt, dealers and death’s door.

Diagnosed in 1981 with incurable chronic active hepatitis B virus and cirrhosis of the liver, I was told, surprisingly, that alcohol was not the cause, but early death was inevitable.

In 1982 I was one of 10 guinea pigs on the first human Interferon drug trial in a famous London teaching hospital, which sadly failed to find the cure to halt chronic active Hep B virus, but human Interferon did not work – everyone died on the trial – except me. 

It was a 3 month intensive trial and true to form I stuck with it until the 11th hour then relapsed back into drug use 3 days before it ended. Self sabotage was always my default.

But the real adventure of recovery began on October 26 1982 when I awoke from my last drug & alcohol binge weekend, washed up, rinsed, debt ridden and done in. Thus began my true journey. 


The 80’s were tough, but having remained drug, alcohol and nicotine free ever since that day, and now in my 38th year of recovery from active addiction, I was able along the way to own my own sex addiction too, and deal with the financial wreckage of the past by declaring voluntary bankruptcy in 1984, with no credit for 5 years as companion. Yes, it was tough.

In 1986 I became a member of the first ‘Terrence Higgins Trust’ ( THT ) Publicity Group and designed a logo around a safety pin for safer sex. It caught on and soon gay men were seen wearing a safety pin on their denim jacket lapels or on their back jean pockets ( with a colour code hankie ) to indicate they practiced SAFER SEX.

As AIDS came along I started counselling addicts, alcoholics and those HIV, living and dying of AIDS, and by 1990 I had lost over 50 friends, past lovers and clients to the virus, while I was in and out of hospital myself with liver failure during the Clause 28 years. Contesting times.

In LONDON 1988 I discovered Rebirthing Breathwork, and after a 3 year training I became an (LRT) ‘Loving Relationship Training’ Relationship Coach & Breathworker.

In 1994 I created a LGBTQ Breathwork Personal Growth Training in London called QUEER LOVE QUEST, that was invited by host city Stockholm SWEDEN in 1998 to be the 1st Gay Personal Development Programme on any Official EUROPRIDE Festival Itinerary. 

That same year, 1994, I worked in a holistic HIV facility for 2 years working solely on people with CD4’s under 50, most under 10, preparing them in completion of life before death.

AND GOOD NEWS : Using NO MEDICATION, in 1995 I finally released chronic active Hep B virus from my body and changed my DNA using only regular Breathwork Spiritual Practice. It took 7 years of diligence. Never give up,

Combos for HIV/AIDS came along in ’96, I relaxed, went on holiday and for the first time no one had died on return. I started to come out of a dark 14 years.


During millennium, London’s weekly TIME OUT Magazine called me “CLUBLAND’S THERAPIST” as my clientele included DJs, promoters, music, creative, media & fashionistas. These days clients are more inclined to be post-clubbing, more travelled, less social, more settled in relationships or career.

In 2010 I was made an Honorary Member of The Australian Academy of Rebirthing & Breathwork, accredited to the Australian Government, for my work and service over 2 decades as a Breathworker, Addiction Specialist, Life Coach & Trainer leading residentials, seminars and workshops in the UK, Australia, South America, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Spain, Morocco and Goa in India.


So yes, things did get better.

I don’t do traditional 1 hr weekly sessions ( mine are 3 hrs long – every 2 weeks to start with – then monthly ) and word has gone out that I’m TOUGH.

If you want LIFESTYLE CHANGES you have to take it on the chin from someone who’s been there and I’ve been a junkie, an alkie, a bankrupt, a sex addict, a workaholic, codependent and a prime arsehole – so expect no judgement from me.

Clients are mixed age-wise, from mid twenties to men 60+ who seek guidance from an older mentor. Many are high end success stories, who seek lifestyle change because they simply feel stuck, not everyone has an addiction issue or relationship problem, many just seek direction to move forward.


” If he was assassinated on Old Compton Street they couldn’t get a Police Station big enough to hold the usual suspects, because for well over a decade he has held the secrets of DJs, Club Promoters, Bar Owners, Escorts, Musicians, Lawyers & City Boys as well as counseling those affected by HIV/AIDS since 1984. He was there at the beginning of AIDS “

QX magazine  2009  ” David Parker – the ultimate expert in this field”

Since the banks crashed in 2008, the rise of dating apps like Grindr, and the arrival of new recreational drugs, LGBTQ lifestyles have been challenged and in need of experienced pathways and mentors.

ChemSex, P&P, slamming and digital addiction have become the new health crisis to scupper into play that needs experience, not judgement.

Here you have found it. 


As well as Private 121 sessions ( with CORONA Guidelines ), Global Internet Coaching via Skype is available in 30 min or 60 min slots by appointment at times to suit both.

CORONAVIRUS & LOCKDOWN has challenged everything including 121, Groups & Sessions. ONLINE COACHING now available on various platforms including ZOOM.