Now gay marriage is legalised in the UK, gay divorce rates from past civil union are showing up on the radar already. I have already assisted 3 couples in completing their legal relationship in an adult manner, but the story is often the same : lack of emotional communication, resentment over money or financial disparity and having too ‘open’ an open relationship.

Telling the truth faster, deletion of secrets and more conscious relationship management is the key to successful relationships. However if one partner or both has a chem or booze issue, it is unlikely that civility will reign, until these issues are faced.

broken-heart_0Relationship breakdown is an opportunity to turn things around but honesty and willingness to take personal responsibility instead of blaming and complaining is the key.

This is why I rarely indulge in couples counselling, finding it more viable to counsel one or both partners separately, so they can work on the relationship themselves, instead of expecting a Relationship Coach to rescue them.

Experience has proved that when one partner moves into action for change, the other follows into change also or decides the game is over. Spending time and money before divorce occurs is wise investment and reduces hoarded resentments for future times, but working on yourself also releases guilt, failure and low esteem. This is why checking in with a Relationship Coach is wise before committed union.