Fear not, this REHAB is not about conversion, reparative or sexual re-orientation therapy – leave that to those who fear difference and diversity. Crying like a baby or a grown man is now fully metrosexual, and although that sounds really ’90’s it still works a treat when you need to get it all out over relationship breakdown, a drug habit, chat room chasing or a booze problem that’s forcing you to retreat into denial instead of the Priory.

Working with a gay therapist of any kind means no more editing. In fact when a kid realises he’s different at school, when the showers pose a dilemma, when homo hating is rife and bullying is normal, you can see why LGBTQ people start emotionally editing at puberty. So working with a Coach who has real life experience as well as certified training is a bonus.

No more having to skirt round Party & Play, messy mishaps, power bottoms and gay romeo to a str8 counsellor, but shameless open honesty from the start is the key. If depression or anxiety reigns then Breathwork can be explored in session.

263060_232141950130750_1761612_n 2COACHING sessions are 3 hours long every 2 weeks so don’t expect traditional therapy time of 50 mins every week. Those with multiple issues need a bigger overhaul to correct the present without trawling into the past straight away. The past can be dealt with in good time. ACTION is the keyword NOW.

2 hour sessions are available daytime and weekends, or you could also do one a month session plus one monthly group with 4 people. All options discussed on an  Introduction meeting. With budgets to suit, YOU decide, not me.

I never tell anyone whether they are an addict or alcoholic, this is up to the client to decide and although I don’t use 12 Step programme material in my work I may suggest entry into such support groups if deemed fit, though many gay men just ‘do too much’ until a supported slowdown is required. 

371825964_528abe3bd4-460x345Encouraging clients to cut down is the first step into what I call ‘purposeful using’. Then we can work out the next steps. This may lead to abstention of some drugs, the ones that lead to trouble, plus an awareness of trigger points and destructive behaviours targeted.

Free contact via email, skype video, facebook or phone is available between 121 sessions plus flexible afternoon, evening & weekend session times in Euston. Perfect for shift workers, freelancers & busy travellers with no ‘set in stone’ session times.

Check out my Pages and blogs above before you decide.

263060_232141950130750_1761612_n 2A FREE INTRODUCTION explains the process with no obligation to continue and  I may also be able to direct you to other agencies.

Email a brief history or problem for a no-selling, no obligation, no sign-up FREE 2 hour Introduction or ask for a 30 min Skype with a brief assessment of where you need direction. Any email questions can be answered before a Free Introduction is booked. Here to help . .

. . . This where you begin to take responsibility for yourself. Sorted.